The Winning Scenario by brimstonegold & virtualpersonal

The Winning Scenario - virtualpersonal, brimstonegold

This is a very long fanfic with a gazillion sex scenes between Captain Dean and ex-pleasure slave Sin/Sam. The plot and writing style are both excellent but I feel that a severe edit would have brought it down to a more manageable length.
painting by n4tss4
"Did you ever think that maybe, right now, I need someone to love me? That I need to feel valued? You denying me, all my training screams that I'm not pleasing you and drives a spike of fear through me so deeply, I can't explain it. I want to please you. I need to please you. But more than that, I want love me." Sam looked down at the floor and let go of Dean's hand. "I've never had anyone love me," he said softly.