Enemy Lines by qhuinn

Enemy Lines - qhuinn

Hard to review this. I nearly gave up around 20% but I persevered and it improved. Lots of typos despite having 3 beta readers. Some cracking love scenes between Stiles and Derek. Initial plot premise a bit ropey. Far too long. Oh what the hell - 4 stars!
Art by pariahsdream
'Stiles wants to laugh. This is strangely romantic. Plotting together to kill the people that ruined their lives. Very Tarantino. Kind of badass in a way that makes him feel exhilarated. He flops back on the bed, hands behind his head as Derek moves with his, resting his head in Stiles’ chest. Stiles is starting to suspect Derek is a big cuddler, and he loves it.'

Source: http://archiveofourown.org/works/470055?view_full_work=true