Perfect Zero

Perfect Zero - Ryoko21 4.5 stars. An original slavefic in which agent Zeke buys combat asset Zero and attempts to turn him into a pleasure asset. Zeke's one year undercover mission is to break the inter-space slave trafficking ring called 'The Long Leash.'

I enjoyed the story, it is well-written with an interesting plot although I did find some of the detail confusing. Zeke and Zero make for an intriguing couple; Zero has been previously used as a killing machine and Zeke is determined to earn Zero's trust.
Art by Marner
"Killing… It’s what I’m trained for. It’s all I’m good for,” he says, and he looks so miserable that I can’t let it stand. If the choice is for me to use his body or break his soul, then I’ll take his body every time. But I’d really prefer to do it without harming him irreparably.