More Than Biology by DiscontentedWinter

More Than Biology - DiscontentedWinter

An excellent dark fanfic, could not put this down. Peter is a real villain in this piece, a director of the DOR (Dept of Omega Registration.) Stiles is the omega founder of 'More Than Biology' - an online protest group. Stiles expects beta Derek to claim him on his sixteenth birthday but to his horror Alpha Peter turns up instead.
Art by orsob
“I love you, okay? Whatever happens, I love you...”
It’s all he ever wanted from Derek, but it’s not enough. It should be the world, it should be the entire fucking universe, but it’s not. It’s nothing. It’s not even any consolation, because, in the house Stiles is going to die in, love twists into a terrible thing, something with teeth and claws that burrows into Stiles’s chest and threatens to tear him apart from the inside.