Game Theory by Pia Foxhall

Game Theory (Fae Tales Verse, #1) - Pia Foxhall

5 stars. A dark compelling unputdownable epic from Pia Foxhall. Antihero Augus Each Uisge is held prisoner by Seelie king Gwyn ap Nudd after Augus in his madness has wreaked devastation across the fae world. Both characters are damaged by their past and drawn together by a need to dominate each other. Excellent dark sex, plot twists and angst, I look forward to the sequel's completion!
Art by fanartdrawer
'This is a dangerous game you play with me Gwyn, Augus snarled. 'The next time you need to be broken, perhaps I will truly break you. Who will run your precious Kingdom then?'
Art by tiniestrebelwitharainbow