Battered Dreams and Nightmares by Goldenpetal13

Battered Dreams and Nightmares - Goldenpetal13

3.5 stars. This second installment finds Stiles and Peter settling down in Wolf Creek. Stiles has started high school and a whole host of original characters and intricate plot are introduced. Peter is trying to cure Stiles of his 'adverse reaction' to his weekly rape. Stiles is aided by the 'dream pack' in his attempts to placate Peter's possessiveness. Typos.

'He looks so harmless sitting there, so normal, it’s hard to marry up the many sides of Peter. “You smell upset,” He sniffs the air, “And a little afraid, has someone upset you? Just tell me who it is and I’ll kill them for you,” he’s so fucking reasonable when he says that and that is so not normal.'