Taming Riki Vol 1, Part 1

Taming Riki Vol 1, Part 1  - Kira Takenouchi 4.5 stars. Delightfully erotic yaoi slavefic. The Elite Blondie Iason Mink saves mongrel Riki the Dark's life and takes him for his pet in payment, but first he has to tame him. There follows lots of yummy sex and punishment - excellent stuff! I have no idea how to pronounce 'Iason'. Not sure if this is the whole text, 13 chapters in my link.
'Yes he, Iason Mink, Head of the Syndicate, was in every sense smitten with this defiant warlord from the slums, this dark-haired, dark-eyed mongrel who rejected his every advance, who announced daily his hatred for him - for all the Elites.'