The Square Peg

The Square Peg - Jane Davitt, Alexa Snow A hot enjoyable m/m bdsm romance between accountant Ben and bar owner Shane. I loved the banter and argument between these two guys. Coming from British author Jane Davitt, Shane's English phraseology is just perfect and writing partner Alexa Snow provides the correct American idioms for Ben. The bdsm element comes naturally without any annoying 'sir' and 'boy' thrown in.

'Benedict closed his fingers around Shane's wrist, pinning it to the table for a moment before releasing it, the action so out of the blue, so quickly over, Shane jerked with shock, his heart rate increasing. His wrist felt warm where it'd been held, a heat that pulsed through him, leaving him aching for something he couldn't have.
"We agree on some things," Benedict said meeting Shane's gaze calmly. "Don't we, Shane?"

"You and me," Shane said when he could speak without his voice betraying him, "we're going to have a little chat later. Count on it."'