As Meat Loves Salt

As Meat Loves Salt - Maria McCann 5 stars. This excellent book put me in mind of a Thomas Hardy novel, a sense of doom overshadowing the characters. Written in the first person, Jacob is a flawed individual who fights the voice in his head leading him to do evil. This is set at the time of the english civil war in the 1640s and is extremely well researched. I was surprised at the amount of typos towards the end of the book, perhaps it was just my e-copy. This story stays with you and haunts your dreams, I would love a sequel!
'I prayed that I might learn of their safety, might be delivered from my misery, might be revenged - I knew not what to pray for, and all for nothing anyway. God is not moved by the prayers of the righteous, how much less does He care for the whinings of the damned!'