The Blinding Knife

The Blinding Knife  - Brent Weeks Another epic 700 page fantasy novel, an excellent twisting plot reminiscent of George R.R. Martin without the bumping off of main characters. I enjoyed the doomed hero Gavin Guile, the bumbling Kip Guile striving to become a blackguard and his sinister grandfather Andross Guile. The female characters not so much but that's just me. I did find myself skimming towards the end, too much description of war strategy.
'Before Gavin Guile had come along, sweeping everything up in his wake, Kip had had his own shitty life in his own shitty town with his shitty, shitty friends. Ever since Gavin Guile had come into his life, he felt like he'd been plunged underwater. And now his last breath had escaped and he was panicking, flailing, punching whoever happened to be nearest.'